of all energy consumed in the United States is wasted.  Customers of EQUIDEX Energy turn this wasted energy into savings and profit.



EQUIDEX Energy utilizes variety of technologies to provide energy reduction to its customers

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What is an Energy Audit ? Energy consumption is generally divided into several categories

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What is an “Energy Performance Contract (EPC) ? An EPC is based upon a detailed feasibility study similar to a detailed Energy Audit

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Our Mission

The world of energy is rapidly changing.  Eco-political uncertainty and environmental concerns require new technologies and aggressive implementation.  EQUIDEX Energy, LLC is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that provides comprehensive solutions to substantially reduce energy consumption and costs while protecting our environment from harmful emissions and greenhouse gases.

Our Customers

Large energy consumers, municipalities, government agencies, commercial buildings and individual homes…  No task is too complicated. EQUIDEX Energy, LLC has the program that is right for you.  Our extensive expertise and technologies provide a unique advantage because we offer economic solutions regardless of size.

Our Model

We can pay while you can save!  In many instances, EQUIDEX Energy, LLC can actually buy and install your energy-saving technology for you. All we ask is for you to share part of the cost reduction to finance our purchase of technology and its implementation.  It’s called Performance Contract Financing and is an excellent way for you to upgrade without adversely affecting your balance sheet…  whether it’s business or personal.  Our special approach is particularly effective for businesses or entities that have constrained budgets or capital programs.  With EQUIDEX Energy, LLC there may be no need for a capital expenditure, reserve set-aside, or budget decision.  There’s no need to file all the applications with energy providers and regulators to get the maximum benefits and saving.  EQUIDEX Energy, LLC puts the entire package together so you can begin reducing costs as fast and hassle-free as possible.

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