EQUIDEX Energy utilizes variety of technologies to provide energy reduction to its customers. Among these are the following:

Lights… We are all familiar with new energy efficient lighting. Changing from conventional incandescent bulbs to modern compact fluorescent lights, efficient fluorescent lighting, High Intensity Discharge or lighting controls will immediately reduce electric consumption. However, proper conversion involves more than changing bulbs. All replacements are not the same. EQUIDEX Energy, LLC conducts a complete lighting survey to insure that functionality is maintained and the same quality of light is matched or exceeded while maximizing electric efficiency.

Heating…Today’s science of heating is significantly more advanced than it was only a few years ago. New efficient boilers that minimizes NOx emissions and associated “intelligent” systems can reduce heating related energy by 20% to 40%. EQUIDEX Energy, LLC utilizes a wide range of technologies that include proactive and reactive monitoring solutions for new and existing installations and new, high-efficiency replacement boilers, and comprehensive environment management systems.

Hot Water… For some, hot water is responsible for as much as 50% of an overall gas or electric bill. In particular, hotels/motels, large building complexes, health spas, hospitals, college dormitories, restaurants, and laundry facilities consume large amounts of heated water. New “tankless” or “On Demand” hot water heaters in combination with proprietary heat recovery systems can reduce related energy costs by 30% to 50%. Added solar water heating supplementation can decrease energy requirements even further.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration…EQUIDEX Energy, LLC represents some of the most unique energy saving technologies for cooling and refrigeration. Patended chemical refrigerant enhancement can be applied to residential, commercial and chiller applications making it an ideal energy reduction measure for HVAC, commercial refrigeration equipment and ice making machines. In most cases it can lower associated electric consumption by 10% to 25% in air conditioning and refrigeration units, increase ice production by up to 20% while reducing ware and tare of the equipment. Comprehensive computer-driven “intelligent” Energy Management Systems can drop overall energy requirements by another 10% to 40%.

Alternative Energy… Demand for alternative energy is exploding. EQUIDEX Energy, LLC utilizes solutions using solar power, bio-fuels, fuel cells, and high-efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) generation options that can make many customers energy independent. In some instances, you may even convert from an energy consumer to an energy supplier. Whether it is capturing methane from a farming operation to producing and/or using ethanol, EQUIDEX Energy, LLC has answers.